I’m famous!

Well, maybe that’s a stretch, but I was listed as one of the contributors to WordPress 5.0 in the official release post. It has been really fun to be able to contribute to Gutenberg lately. Even though I only made one or two small contributions, it’s exciting thinking about the sheer number of people who will be using the code I wrote. It’s also fun to think about the fact that 450+ other people worked together to make it happen. Most of them probably just like me, contributing purely because they are able to.

Hopefully, I can keep setting aside some time to work on it. Both because it’s fun and because it’s really helped me learn a lot. I think one thing that people don’t talk about enough when discussing open source is how much it helps you grow as a developer. I’ve learned a lot of things I wouldn’t have in my normal day-to-day work, most of which has helped me get better at my real job.

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