Image of a restored hand plane

Restoring a vintage hand plane

A few months ago I picked up a hand plane at an antique shop we had stopped at on our vacation. I had been keeping an eye out for one since I was looking to get into woodworking a little more. Supposedly, old planes are just as good as new ones once they get restored, and the restoration process seemed simple enough. Long story short, it went really well, and I get why people are obsessed with these things.

The coolest part, is I posted online asking if anyone could identify it. Since it didn’t have any branding on it I couldn’t tell and was curious how old it was. Thankfully, the internet can be a neat place and someone was able to tell me they were pretty sure it was most likely make somewhere between 1902-07. Crazy right?

Maybe it’s because most of the things I make day to day are websites the get stale after a year or two and become useless after about five, but it’s really interesting to think that I am using something someone made over 100 years ago.

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