April: Blog Twice A Week

This month I am going to continue on with the theme from last months challenge and get back into blogging. Teageek.org has been pretty stagnant the past year or so, and outside of my challenge updates this site hasn’t seen too much action either. Now, if you are thinking that blogging twice a week is a bit of a weak challenge; you would be correct. I am heading to New York and heading down to South Caroline for the convergeSE conference. Based on past experience, anything that is going to take a lot of effort is probably not going to happen if I am traveling that much, so blogging more seemed like great “attainable” challenge .


Update:  Well, you can see how that went! Oh well, better luck next time.

August: Five posts a week

For August, I am working on getting back into blogging on a regular basis. I enjoy it, it helps me polish my writing, and it is the one new year’s resolution that I really haven’t been making any progress on. So this month, I will be writing five posts a week, either here or at teageek.org (my tea blog that has been seriously neglected as of late) It’s been a while since I have really written anything, and five posts is a lot of content to come up with in a week, but it should be fun, stay tuned!