Web Editor: WinSCP and Notepad++

I found a new combination for Windows web design/programming that I really like: WinSCP and Notepad++.  I have been a fan of Notepad++ for a long time.  It’s quick, has a ton of features I use (color coding, element matching, auto-complete, supports a ton of file formats, etc.) and all around it just works.  I also really enjoyed the built in FTP synchronizing. When I recently got a new computer with Windows 7 though, I found that the Notepad++ FTP plug-in isn’t available by default.  While trying to figure out how to enable it I found a post talking about the WinSCP/Notepad++ combo, so i gave it a try.

First the setup, it’s really pretty simple.  Just get WinSCP and run the installer.  The do the same for the latest Notepad++ .  After that run WinSCP and connect to a scp/sftp/ftp source.  Go to Options > Preferences > Editors and change whatever extensions you want (.htm, .html, .css, .php, etc) to use Notepad++.

Now whenever I open a file with one of those extensions from WinSCP it automatically opens in Notepad++.  If you modify the file and then save it, the changes will automatically be uploaded to the remote server.  I have been using this setup for about a week and really like it.  having a full features FTP client makes it a lot easier to move around images and other files that I am using on the site, and it integrates just as well with Notepad++ as their old built in plug in.

Overall, while it might not replace Dreamweaver if you are coding all day every day, Notepad++ and WinSCP work great for quick fixes and is usable enough that you won’t go crazy if you need to spend a few hours with it.  And the price is just right: FREE!