About Me

I’m a 29 year old web developer currently working at Grand Valley State University. Originally from Dowagiac, MI I moved to Grand Rapids for college and have been here ever since. I got married in June of 2012 to my incredible wife Melonie, and we have quite the happy home with our cat Sophia. We recently purchased an awesome home in Grand rapids built in the 1920’s and absolutely love Grand Rapids.

I geek out about a lot of things, mostly computer related, although I also have a bit of an obsession with tea. I really like seeing new places and traveling, and I’m hoping to get out of the country at least once a year till I’m 30.

I also own my own business, helping people and businesses with their websites. It’s given me a great place to continue to expand my knowledge of web design and business in the “real world.” You can see some of my work at www.thewebcounts.com.

I like setting goals for myself that push me to do something I wouldn’t otherwise. About two years ago I had this idea to make a different “challenge” every month. It has really pushed me to try things that I probably couldn’t have otherwise. I’ve been vegetarian for a month, started training in Krav Maga, and generally just had fun. You can read about all of my challenges along with the other random things that fall out of my head on my blog.

If you want to learn more about me just look around, or look me up on Facebook or Twitter.