September Update: New Workout

Update (10/1): I got moved into the regular Krav Maga class today ahead of schedule, sweet!

I actually did really good this month trying to find a new workout. I tried quite a few things I haven’t done before and have actually enjoyed working out again! First, I tried just doing 30 min. of some kind of exercise everyday. That worked for a while but it was hard to get in every day without a set schedule, and it just didn’t feel very strenuous. So I moved on and tried some other things. My favorite was definitely Krav Maga. I’m still in the beginner class, but am pretty sure I will continue on for a while. Hopefully when the first month is up I can move into the full class. If you are interested in Krav Maga/Self Defense and live near Grand Rapids you should check it out. My least favorite thing (by far!) has been Yoga. It’s just hard. It sucks. I’m not saying it isn’t a good workout or anything, I’m just really bad at it. In the end I have settled on a little bit of everything, here is my new weekly workout schedule:

It’s a little ambitious, but I’ve been doing pretty well with it and have already lost a little weight. Hopefully, I’ll actually stick with it!

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