Since this is technically my first post, I thought I would explain a little about the older posts and what I’m planning for the site.


One of my new years resolutions for 2010 was to blog once a week, so I started two blogs: teageek.org and geeksrc.com.

Posts on teageek.org were for tea, mostly reviews of different teas I have tried, but I am planning on doing some things differently this year.  Regardless, it went well and I posted more or less once a week, and will continue to talk about tea at teageek.org.

Meanwhile, geeksrc.com was more or less ignored.  It was supposed to be a place for my inner geek – tech talk, how-to, opinions etc, but with only a few posts over the course of the year, it was pretty pointless to maintain.

In addition to this, a few months ago I started a company blog (www.thewebcounts.com/blog) that deals with online reputation.

The Plan

This year I wanted to start a more personal blog, and having a separate blog for the few tech related articles I might write throughout the year just seemed silly, so I am rolling geeksrc.com into my personal blog here.

Long story short, here is my new blog.  I plan on using it as a place to share thoughts, goals, and generally just what I’m up to, and I’ll probably throw in the occasional tech post, because lets face it, I’m kind of a geek.

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